School Group Visits

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As a field trip destination, Manatee Lagoon welcomes school groups to help educate youth about manatees and the Lake Worth Lagoon.

Our 90-minute program options offer a look into the world of manatees and their local habitat. For selected programs, our educators (Manatee Masters), showcase manatee biology and ecology, share details about the lagoon’s estuarine habitat, and suggest how students can help protect their local environment. The Manatee Masters will also explain the important role that Florida Power & Light Company’s adjacent Riviera Beach Clean Energy Center plays in ensuring that manatees stay warm during the cooler winter months.

Visiting groups will rotate through three stations that can include presentations or activities in our exhibit gallery, classroom, and observation deck depending on the program selected, weather and other factors.

Here's what happy teachers have to say about bringing a field trip to Manatee Lagoon:

Our grade-specific programs, which are aligned with Sunshine State Standards (K-12), include:

Manatees and Me (K-2)
Little ones will learn about manatees by making comparisons to themselves and other animals, and by exploring the survival needs of these marine mammals through interactive activities.

Manatee Lagoon Observers (3-5)
Youngsters will explore the biology and ecology of manatees and their neighbors in the Lake Worth Lagoon, making their own observations of these amazing creatures (if present) and the lagoon along the way.

Marine Food Webs (3-5)
Students will then learn about where various organisms fall on food webs and watch as educators use a microscope to view pre-collected water samples containing plankton to learn about photosynthesis and cell respiration.

Understanding Manatees, Inside and Out! (6-8)
Middle school students will explore the resources manatees rely on to survive and examine challenges these gentle giants face, including factors that threaten their survival.

Manatee Adaptations (6-8)
Middle school students will be introduced to the anatomy of manatees, learning how they are classified and how manatee anatomy compares to that of other mammals.

Microplastics in Seawater (9-12)
Using the Lake Worth Lagoon as a model, students will understand the impact of plastics on water quality and the biota of marine environments with an emphasis on manatees and directly associated species.

Important information for all group visits:

All group visits are by reservation only.

Group size
Minimum of 10 and maximum of 50 students (no exceptions due to physical space limitations), plus up to 10 chaperones, but no more than 60 students and chaperones combined. Large groups will be split into smaller sub-groups to rotate through the stations.

At least one teacher or chaperone per ten students is required. Please note that due to space limitations, not all chaperones may be able to attend one of the three stations in the program rotation but at least one chaperone will always be present with the group.

Picnic tables are available on the Manatee Lagoon grounds on a first-come basis. Manatee Lagoon is not able to store lunches or coolers for visiting groups and for security purposes, large coolers are not permitted in the building and may not be left unattended on site.

Available days/times
Tuesday through Friday, Sept. through May, starting at 10 a.m.

Free, including parking.

Please click here to review the guidelines before your visit and share the information, as appropriate, with others who will be attending.